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PASSWORD: chinorocas

DESCRIÇÃO:A banda foi formada em 1992 na cidade de São Paulo por Kiko Loureiro (guitarra), Rafael Bittencourt (guitarra), Luís Mariutti (baixo), Andre Matos (vocal) e Marco Antunes (Bateria). O nome significa deusa do fogo na mitologia tupiniquim, além de significar uma pequena enseada ou baía usada como porto natural.

Angels Cry

1. Unfinished Allegro
2. Carry On
3. Time
4. Angels Cry
5. Stand Away
6. Never Understand
7. Wuthering Heights
8. Streets Of Tomorrow
9. Evil Warning
10. Lasting Child

Evil Warning

1. Evil Warning
2. Angels Cry
3. Carry On
4. Wuthering Heights (Edit Version)
5. Time

Holy Land

1. Crossing
2. Nothing To Say
3. Silence & Distance
4. Carolina IV
5. Holy Land
6. The Shaman
7. Make Believe
8. Z.I.T.O.
9. Deep Blue
10. Lullaby For Lucifer

Freedom Call

1. Freedom Call
2. Queen Of The Night
3. Reaching Horizons
4. Stand Away
5. Painkiller(Judas Priest Cover)
6. Deep Blue

Holy Live

1. Crossing
2. Nothing To Say
3. Z.I.T.O
4. Carolina IV
5. Unfinished Allegro
6. Carry On

Unplugged '97

1. Angels Cry
2. Time
3. Make Believe
4. Carry On
5. Lullaby For Lucifer
6. Reaching Horizons
7. The Shaman/Drums Solo
8. Holy Land
9. Jam
10. Wuthering Heights
11. Chega de Saudade
12. Never Understand
13. Wasted Years


1. Wings Of Reality
2. Petrified Eyes
3. Lisbon
4. Metal Icarus
5. Paradise
6. Mystery Machine
7. Fireworks
8. Extreme Dream
9. Gentle Change
10. Speed
11. Rainy Nights(Bonus)


1. In Excelsis
2. Nova Era
3. Millennium Sun
4. Acid Rain
5. Heroes Of Sand
6. Unholy Wars
7. Rebirth
8. Judgement Day
9. Running Alone
10. Visions Prelude
11. Acid Rain(Demo Version - Bonus)

Rebirth World Tour

CD 1:
1. In Excelsis
2. Nova Era
3. Acid Rain
4. Angels Cry
5. Heroes Of Sand
6. Metal Icarus
7. Millenium Sun
8. Make Believe
9. Drum Solo
CD 2:
10. Unholy Wars
11. Rebirth
12. Time
13. Running Alone
14. Crossing
15. Nothing To Say
16. Unfinished Allegro
17. Carry On
18. The Number Of The Beast(IRON MAIDEN COVER)

Hunters And Prey

1. Live And Learn
2. Bleeding Heart
3. Hunters And Prey
4. Eyes Of Christ
5. Rebirth (Acoustic Version)
6. Heroes Of Sand (Acoustic Version)
7. Mama
8. Caça e Caçador

Temple Of Shadows

1. Deus Le Volt
2. Spread Your Fire
3. Angels And Demons
4. Waiting Silence
5. Wishing Well
6. The Temple Of Hate
7. The Shadow Hunter
8. No Pain For The Dead
9. Winds Of Destination
10. Sprouts Of Time
11. Morning Star
12. Late Redemption
13. Gate XIII

Aurora Consurgens

1. The Course Of Nature
2. The Voice Commanding You
3. Ego Painted Grey
4. Breaking Ties
5. Salvation: Suicide
6. Window To Nowhere
7. So Near So Far
8. Passing By
9. Scream Your Heart Out


PASSWORD: chinorocas

Batallions Of Fear

1. Majesty
2. Guardian Of The Blind
3. Trial By The Archon
4. Wizard's Crown
5. Run For The Night
6. The Martyr
7. Battalions Of Fear
8. By The Gates Of Moria
9. Gandalf's Rebirth

Follow The Blind
1. Inquisition
2. Banished From Sanctuary
3. Damned For All Time
4. Follow The Blind
5. Hall Of The King
6. Fast To Madness
7. Beyond The Ice
8. Valhalla
9. Don't Break The Circle
10. Barbara Ann

Demo 1990

1. Lost In The Twilight Hall
2. Tommyknockers
3. Welcome To Dying
4. Lord Of The Rings
5. Weird Dreams

Tales From The Twilight World

1. Traveler In Time
2. Welcome To Dying
3. Weird Dreams
4. Lord of the Rings
5. Goodbye My Friend
6. Lost In The Twilight Hall
7. Tommyknockers
8. Altair 4
9. The Last Candle
10. Run For The Night

Somewhere Far beyond

1. Time What Is Time
2. Journey Through The Dark
3. Black Chamber
4. Theatre Of Pain
5. The Quest For Tanelorn
6. Ashes To Ashes
7. The Bard's Song - In The Forest
8. The Bard's Song - The Hobbit
9. The Piper's Calling
10. Somewhere Far Beyond
11. Spread Your Wings
12. Trial By Fire
13. Theatre Of Pain

Tokio Tales

1. Inquisition
2. Banish From Sanctuary
3. Journey Through the Dark
4. Traveler In Time
5. The Quest For Tanelorn
6. Goodbye My Friend
7. Time What Is Time
8. Majesty
9. Valhalla
10. Welcome to Dying
11. Lost In the Twilight Hall
12. Barbara Ann

A Past And Future Secret

1. A Past And Future Secret
2. Imaginations From The Other Side
3. The Wizard (Uriah Heep cover)
4. A Past And Future Secret Orchestra Mix

Imaginations From The Other Side

1. Imaginations From The Other Side
2. I'm Alive
3. A Past And Future Secret
4. The Script For My Requiem
5. Mordred's Song
6. Born In A Morning Hall
7. Bright Eyes
8. Another Holy War
9. And The Story Ends

The Forgotten Tales

1. Mr. Sandman
2. Surfin' USA
3. Bright Eyes (Acoustic)
4. Lord Of The Rings (Acoustic)
5. The Wizard
6. Spread Your Wings
7. Mordred's Song (Acoustic)
8. Black Chamber (Acoustic)
9. The Bard's Song - In The Forest (Live)
10. Barbara Ann
11. A Past And Future Secret (Acoustic)
12. To France
13. Theatre Of Pain

Mr.Sandman - Single

1. Mister Sandman
2. Bright Eyes (Edited Version)
3. Hallelujah
4. Imaginations From The Other Side (Demo Version)
5. The Script For My Requiem (Demo Version)

Nightfall In Middle Earth

1. War Of Wrath
2. Into The Storm
3. Lammoth
4. Nightfall
5. The Minstrel
6. The Curse Of Feanor
7. Captured
8. Blood Tears
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Face The Truth
11. Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
12. Battle Of Sudden Flame
13. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
14. The Dark Elf
15. Thorn
16. The Eldar
17. Nom The Wise
18. When Sorrow Sang
19. Out On The Water
20. The Steadfast
21. A Dark Passage
22. Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)

And Then There Was Silence

1. And then there was Silence
2. Harvest Of Sorrow

A Night At The Opera


1. Precious Jerusalem
2. Battlefield
3. Under the Ice
4. Sadly Sings Destiny
5. The Maiden and the Minstrel Knigh
6. Wait for an Answer
7. The Soulforged
8. Age of False Innocence
9. Punishment Divine
10. And then there was Silence

The Bard's Song(In The Forest)


1. The Bards Song(New Studio Version)
2. The Bards Song(Live In Milano, October-10-2002)
3. The Bards Song(Live In Munich, May-5-2002)
4. The Bards Song(Live In Madrid, June-4-2002)


CD 1:
1. War Of Wrath
2. Into The Storm
3. Welcome To Dying
4. Nightfall
5. The Script For My Requiem
6. Harvest Of Sorrow
7. The Soulforged
8. Valhalla
9. Majesty
10. Mordred's Song
11. Born In A Mourning Hall
CD 2:
12. Under The Ice
13. Bright Eyes
14. Punishment Divine
15. The Bard's Song(In The Forest)
16. Imaginations From The Other Side
17. Lost In The Twilight Hall
18. A Past And Future Secret
19. Time Stands Still
20. Journey Through The Dark
21. Lord Of The Rings
22. Mirror Mirror


1. Fly
2. Scalds And Shadows
3. In A Gadda Da Vida

A Twist in the Myth

1. This Will Never End
2. Otherland
3. Turn the Page
4. Fly
5. Carry the Blessed Home
6. Another Stranger Me
7. Straight through the Mirror
8. Lionheart
9. Skalds and Shadows
10. The Edge
11. The New Order
12. Dead Sound of Misery(bonus)


DESCRIÇÃO: na Alemanha, quando o promissor músico Tobias Sammet se cansou de apenas coverizar bandas como Kiss e AC/DC. Baixista, tecladista e vocalista, o jovem rapaz decidiu formar uma banda para fazer composições próprias e chamou para a sua primeira formação Jens Ludwig (guitarra), Dirk Sauer (guitarra) e Dominik Storch (bateria). Com a banda e as composições já prontas resolveram gravar uma demo. O resultado acabou em duas demo-tapes: "Evil-minded" e "Children Of Steel".

Rocket Ride

1. Sacrifice
2. Rocket Ride
3. Wasted Time
4. Matrix
5. Return To The Tribe
6. The Asylum
7. Save Me
8. Catch Of The Century
9. Superheroes
10. Trinidad
11. Fucking With Fire (Hairforce One)

Hall Of Flames
CD 1
1. Tears Of A Mandrake
2. Jerusalem
3. Out Of Control
4. Headless Game
5. Scarlet Rose
6. Nailed To The Wheel
7. Vain Glory Opera
8. Theater Of Salvation
9. Key To My Fate
10. Deadmaker
CD 2
11. Land Of The Miracle
12. Until We Rise Again
13. Unbeliever
14. Devil And The Savant
15. Wings Of A Dream
16. For A Trace Of Life
17. But Here I Am
18. Marche Des Gendarmes
19. Avantasia
20. Walk On Fighting


1. Tears Of A Mandrake
2. Golden Dawn
3. Jerusalem
4. All The Clowns
5. Nailed To The Wheel
6. The Pharaoh
7. Wash Away The Poison
8. Fallen Angels
9. Painting On The Wall
10. Save Us Now

Theater Of Salvation

1. The Healing Vision
2. Babylon
3. The Headless Game
4. Land Of The Miracle
5. Wake Up The King
6. Falling Down
7. Arrows Fly
8. Holy Shadows
9. Another Time
10. The Unbeliver
11. Theater Of Salvation

Vain Glory Opera

1. Overture
2. Until We Rise Again
3. How Many Miles
4. Scarlet Rose
5. Out Of Control
6. Vain Glory Opera
7. Fairytale
8. Walk On Fightning
9. Tomorrow
10. No More Foolin?
11. Hymn
12. But Here I Am

Kingdom Of Madness

1. Paradise
2. Wings of A Dream
3. Heart of Twilight
4. Dark Symphony
5. Deadmaker
6. Angel Rebellion
7. When A Hero Cries
8. Steel Church
9. The Kingdom


PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

DESCRIÇÃO: Primal Fear é uma banda alemã de power metal, formada em 1997 por Ralf Scheepers, que havia acabado de sair do Gamma Ray, e membros do Sinner.

Primal Fear

1. Primal Fear
2. Chainbreaker
3. Silver & Gold
4. Promised Land
5. Formula One
6. Dollars
7. Nine Lives
8. Tears Of Rage
9. Speed King
10. Battalions Of Hate
11. Running In The Dust
12. Thunderdome
PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

Jaws Of Death

1. Jaws Of Death
2. Final Embrace
3. Save A Prayer
4. Church Of Blood
5. Into The Future
6. Under You Spell
7. Play To Kill
8. Nation In Fear
9. When The Night Comes
10. Fight To Survive
11. Hatresd In My Soul
12. Kill The King
PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

Nuclear Fire

1. Angel In Black
2. Kiss Of Death
3. Back From Hell
4. Now Or Never
5. Fight The Fire
6. Eye Of An Eagle
7. Bleed For Me
8. Nuclear Fire
9. Red Rain
10. Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove
11. Fire On The Horizon
12. Living For Metal
PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

Black Sun

1. Countdown To Insanity (Intro)
2. Black Sun
3. Armageddon
4. Light Years From Home
5. Revolution
6. Fear (Dogs Of War)
7. Mind Control
8. Magic Eye
9. Mind Machine
10. Silence
11. We Go Down
12. Cold Day In Hell
13. Controlled
PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

Devil's Ground

1. Metal Is Forever
2. Suicide And Mania
3. Visions Of Fate
4. Sea Of Flames
5. The Healer
6. Sacred Illusion
7. In Metal
8. Soulchaser
9. Colony 13
10. Wings Of Desire
11. Heart Of A Brave
12. Devil's Ground
PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

Seven Seals

1. Demons And Angels
2. Rollercoaster
3. Seven Seals
4. Evil Spell
5. The Immortal Ones
6. Diabolus
7. All For One
8. Carniwar
9. Question Of Honour
10. In Memory
11. The Union
12. High Power
PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

The Official Bootleg

1. Introduction
2. Angel In Black
3. Batallions Of Hate
4. Nuclear Fire
5. Chainbreaker
6. Eye Of An Eagle
7. Fire The Fire
8. Running In The Dust
9. Silver And Gold
10. Final Embrace
11. Angel In Black(Reprise)
PASSWORD: www.chinorocas.blogspot.com

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